The Three Rabbis: Everyday Jewish Ethics

The High Holy Days are over – how can I be a good person year-round?

Learn with Temple’s Senior Rabbi, Rabbi Emeritus, and Associate Rabbi and Director of Education, as we explore Jewish ethics in everyday life. This series will be offered online only. Please refer to our website to register.

Nov. 1 at 7:00 PM: Rabbi Lisa Grushcow
Love your neighbour – but what if they’re annoying? Loving your neighbour wouldn’t be a commandment if it were always easy. Explore common causes of conflict and attempts at resolution.

Nov. 8 at 7:00 PM: Rabbi Leigh Lerner
Derekh Eretz: Learn about Jewish approaches to proper conduct. Topics include insults, privacy, dignity, respect, darchei shalom (the ways of peace), truth and falsehood, refining speech, mar’it ayin (assumptions based on appearances), saying thank you, minhag ha-makom (local custom).

Nov. 15 at 7:00 PM: Rabbi Lillian Kowalski
Let your students honor be as dear to you as your own – an exploration of how we relate to and understand the youngest members of our community and help them learn to become the A+ human beings we hope them to be. We’ll explore community responsibility, pedagogy vs. andragogy, the power and importance of our speech in disseminating our values, and how “from our students, we learn the most”. While the focus may be on our children, these values are applicable to all, across all aspects of life.

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Online Series
The Three Rabbis: Everyday Jewish Ethics