Small Groups at Temple

Let’s grow bigger by thinking smaller!

Looking to meet other like-minded members, deepen connections, and share interests and passions? Let us help you find your small group! In these member-led groups, participants come together for shared learning, conversations and celebrations. You will engage in activities and experiences that are important to YOU. Don’t see what you are looking for? Start your own! All group leaders will be offered training and support. Contact Sari at
Funding for this initiative was made possible through the Jewish Community Foundation NOVA grant program.

World Politics: Unflinching conversations?
2nd Thursday of the month | 7:00 PM
The group will examine world politics vis-a-vis Current Events

Groupe francophone sur les identités juives/Francophones and multicultural Jewish identity
Fridays | 1:00 PM (bi-weekly)
Groupe de discussion en français autour de la pluralité des identités et experiences juives. Rencontres, témoignages et partages autour de textes et thèmes suggérés par le groupe.
*Conversation in French but all languages welcome!

First Thursday of the month
This group is intended as a time and space to explore mind and body wellbeing, and how they intersect with spirituality. Topics for discussion will emerge from the group, as we create an open sharing of ideas, knowledge, experience, learning, questions and support. We can learn and grow together in the context of Temple.

Rosh Chodesh Group
5:30 on the new moon each month (dates will differ)
We have a vibrant Rosh Chodesh group that meets online (for now) once a month on the new moon. Our members range in ages and backgrounds and everyone
shares in an honest and authentic way relating the themes of the month to our own lives. Each member takes a turn leading, researching information (spiritual,
meaningful) about the new month and also proposes questions for us to think about and discuss. We also sometimes send personal photos of the moon, poetry,
or links to related songs. We meet on the actual date of the new moon which changes every month.

Monday, once a month | 12:00 PM
Musing on Mussar: For those familiar with Mussar – Jewish spiritual and ethical development – or who are eager to learn more. These once-a-month meetings will be small discussion groups in order to go into depth on 6 Middot or Mussar topics and have the opportunity for cross discussion. Using written material from The Mussar Institute, we will focus on the Middot that are about the relationship with self, others, and the divine. Robert completed the training as a facilitator through the Mussar Institute and Yehudit completed three levels of Mussar courses. They will co-facilitate along with shared leadership in the group. Mussar is about actively participating in the practice of the concepts for spiritual growth and self- improvement.

Limited to 8-10 participants – prerequisite: some familiarity with Mussar, acquired from a prior class with Rabbi Grushcow, Rabbi Lerner, or the Mussar Institute, or individual reading (eg Mussar books by Alan Morinis).

A Space for Jews by Choice
Every second Thursday | 7:30 PM
You are invited to join a Small Group led by Dale Bayers, who converted at Temple in 2017. This is a chance to gather, (on Zoom for the time being), with others who have chosen Judaism or are in the process of converting, to share stories, to build community and to ask questions in a non-judgemental space. (Note that all our Small Groups are lay-led; our rabbis are always available as a resource, but they will not be present at the group meetings).

Each group will have a maximum of 12 people, so email Sari Roston,, to reserve your spot. Be sure to specify which group you
want to join. The groups will start with 8 scheduled meetings; at that point, the group will decide whether to continue meeting.