The Kibbutz Haggadah

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As we say goodbye to Passover, we have one final Pesach-related Inspiration.

Noa Haran shares excerpts and images from the Kibbutz Haggadah her family uses on Passover.
The Kibbutz Haggadah is a general name for a variety of Haggadot, (plural of Haggadah), that were produced as a reaction to and reimagining of the traditional Orthodox Haggadah, and were used at Kibbutzim during the Seder.

The great majority of the population of the “New Yishuv,” of Palestine prior to the establishment of the State of Israel, was secular. However, the Passover Seder and the Haggadah constituted a significant element in the secular Zionist identity as well. The Kibbutz Haggadah was their way to connect to the traditional roots of the Jewish people, but differently. It is considered one of the great ventures in adapting and changing Jewish heritage for the purposes of the renewed Zionism.

This particular Kibbutz Haggadah was published as a standardized edition for use in the kibbutzim affiliated with the left wing Ha-Shomer Ha-Tzair movement, and was illustrated by Moshe Proops. For more on Kibbutz Haggadot and Sedarim, click here.