Ma Noimar

Music Director Rona Nadler shares a Yiddish version of the Passover song Echad Mi Yodea, in memory of her grandmother, Bina Nadler z’l. The song is traditionally sung at the end of the seder.

Eliahu Adelman explains the song this way: Echad Mi Yodea is a cumulative song. An additional line is added to each stanza followed by all previous lines. Each stanza adds a line that begins with a number, usually from one to thirteen. Each number is given a symbolic meaning that is connected to Biblical figures, concepts, and objects related to Judaism: One – God; two – the two tablets of the covenant; three – the patriarchs; four – the matriarchs; five – the five books of Moses; six – the books of the Mishna; seven – the days of the week; eight – the days before circumcision; nine – the months of pregnancy; ten – the ten commandments; eleven – the stars from Joseph’s dream; twelve – the tribes of Israel; thirteen – attributes of mercy, (according to Maimonides). To read Adelman’s full article about the song, click here.