The root R-G-L ר-ג-ל in Hebrew

In today’s Daily Inspiration, Noa Haran offers us a fascinating Hebrew lesson inspired by the last line of the Leah Goldberg poem that Rona Nadler recorded for us a few weeks ago.
“lest routine set my ways” – the root of the Hebrew word for “routine” also relates to the word regalim – as in Shalosh Regalim – the three pilgrimage festivals. One of them is Shavuot, which begins tonight. We hope you will break your routine and celebrate with us and other Reform Jews across Canada by studying with us. Click here for more information.
Poem by Leah Goldberg, translated by Pnina Peli (Text in Mishkan T’filah, p. 21)
Teach me, O God, a blessing, a prayer
on the mystery of a withered leaf,
on ripened fruit so fair,
on the freedom to see, to sense,
to breathe, to know, to hope, to despair.
Teach my lips a blessing, a hymn of praise,
as each morning and night
You renew Your days,
lest my days be like the one before;
lest routine set my ways.