Four virtual tours with Noam Rumack

June 25 – The Golan Heights: Geopolitics of the Syrian border, an ancient synagogue from the 5th century, and the Hula Valley national park.

July 2 – The Coastline: Tour Caesarea – a cutting edge archaeological experience, meet the crusades at the ancient port city of Akko, and ascend the Carmel for stunning views of Haifa bay.

July 9 – The Galilee: Visit the well-known old city of Safed, Kinneret lake, and the Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth.

July 16 – Gaza envelope: Get an up-close tour of one of the most complicated current conflicts: Visit kibbutz Be’eri, drive through Sderot (a city frequently attacked by rockets), and a live meet-up with an Israeli woman that lives spitting distance from the border.

Cost: $12 per virtual tour or $40 for all.

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