My partner is not Jewish, and I began my path to conversion out of a sense of curiosity – I was interested in Jewish ethics and culture and wanted to learn more. At Temple, I found a great place to experience Jewish life with no pressure to convert, but a sense that I would be welcome if I ever did. I enjoyed learning about our traditions (and recipes!) and about the Hebrew alphabet, but I think the most exciting part of the official process was being welcomed to Temple in the presence of my family, who came to the service. When I became a Jew, we became “interfaith,” and they have been supportive of my choice.

What makes me happiest about being Jewish, and in particular about joining a Reform synagogue, is that I have found a friendly place where I can be both spiritual and religious, and be a critical thinker all at the same time. I love going to Shabbat services at Temple for the sense of community, the humour, the chance to learn, sing and celebrate, and the general feeling that I am home.