Capital Campaign

A Vision for the Future: Reimagining our Temple

The Target: $5 million

The Purpose: To revitalize, enhance, and modernize our facilities and infrastructure so that Temple may continue to flourish as a House of Worship, House of Study and House of Assembly.

The Need: Our-century old building is in need of a major investment to upgrade and modernize its infrastructure; major parts of the building are outdated, inefficient, in need of repair and expensive to maintain and operate. This puts an increasingly large burden on our annual operating budget, making it difficult to balance.

The building requires significant renovation to address issues of accessibility and assembly, and encourage increased utilization. The current condition of our facilities makes rental difficult. Rental revenues have been declining and this also has a negative effect on the annual operating budget. Modification of the existing structure to accommodate Temple programs and activities is also required.

The Case for Giving: Temple has been and continues to be the spiritual focal point of liberal Jewish thought and practise in Montreal, and an integral part of the Montreal Jewish community. When Temple first opened its doors in 1882, its founders envisioned a dynamic, strong and secure center for Reform Judaism. The success of this campaign is vital to perpetuating this vision, preserving our future and ensuring that Temple continues to thrive for generations to come. Temple has not initiated a capital campaign in more than 15 years; during that time, capital expenses, major emergency repairs and replacement were done largely through the general operating budget.

Our goal is to realize a first-class restoration for Temple’s current and future members and to honour those who have created our illustrious past.

For more information or to make a donation, please contact Rosie at 514-937-3575 ext. 213 or