“Temple has been an incredibly cohesive force for the Prupas family and our community. Temple works very hard at expressing the values that we share in a world that often seems hostile to them and at the same time is able to successfully guide us through the life changing moments that our family experiences, both the high points and the difficult moments.”

Michael Prupas and Betty Palik

“Our Temple, as the only Reform Jewish synagogue in Montreal, is important to our Jewish community and an important bridge to the rest of Montreal and Québec society. By investing in the future of our building, we are enhancing the ability to provide the best in religious, cultural, artistic and social programming that encourages people to maintain and expand the Jewish part of their lives.”

Stephen Yaffe and France Ellyson

“It is abundantly clear for us that Temple is the launching pad from which we can go forth to repair the world (Tikkun Olam).  Hence, for us, helping to sustain Temple and all that it stands for through its 2023 Capital Campaign, in the here and now, has been recognized as a priority and once again, Hillel’s words take on a life of their own: ‘And if not now, when?’”

Brahms and Vivian Silver

“Le Temple est bien plus qu’un lieu de culte, c’est un lieu d’apprentissage, de rassemblements et un lieu communautaire où règne la bienveillance et l’acceptation … le Temple, c’est le phare de notre communauté.  Je soutiens de tout cœur cette campagne de financement qui vise à restaurer et moderniser notre Temple tout en respectant notre planète.”

Mélissa Shriqui

“We are proud to support our spiritual home that has done so much for us and our family, and makes such an important contribution to the community at large.”

Joel Goldberg and Louise Dery-Goldberg

“It is my privilege to support the 2023 Capital Campaign. After a number of years being involved in numerous feasibility discussions with internal committees and external consultant reviews weighing the future of our building, I remain convinced that our decision to commit to the upkeep and improvements required of the building is the most suitable future for our community.”

Denise Grossman

2023 Capital Campaign – Grow Green with Temple 

The Purpose: To revitalize, enhance, and preserve our facilities and infrastructure so that Temple may continue to flourish as a House of Worship, House of Study and House of Assembly in a sustainable and efficient manner.  More specifically:

  • The purpose of the Capital Campaign is to preserve our building, in which so many members of the Temple community have enjoyed special events, so that Temple members present and future can continue to do so.
  • The purpose of the Capital Campaign is also to turn our building green.
  • The 2023 Capital Campaign follows Temple’s successful Capital Campaigns of 2014 and 1998.

The Target: $3 million

The Need: Our building is in need of a major investment to upgrade and modernize its infrastructure in an eco-friendly, sustainable way.

Temple will replace the antiquated, unreliable heating, air-conditioning and fresh-air supply systems with a new hybrid system. The conversion to electrical heating is projected to save at least 11.5 tons of greenhouse gases per year, by installing a solar thermal wall to preheat fresh air. Smart thermostats will be installed to minimize costs in lesser-used areas. These updates – particularly the improved ventilation – will also allow for a healthier and safer environment. These eco-friendly upgrades don’t just benefit the environment, they benefit the people in them.

The Case for Giving: Temple has been and continues to be the spiritual focal point of liberal Jewish thought and practice in Montreal, and an integral part of the Montreal Jewish community. When Temple first opened its doors in 1882, its founders envisioned a dynamic, strong and secure center for Reform Judaism. The success of this campaign is vital to perpetuating this vision, preserving our future and ensuring that Temple continues to thrive for generations to come.

Our goal is to realize a socially and environmentally responsible restoration for Temple’s current and future members and to honour those who have created our illustrious past.

For more information or to make a donation, please contact Rosie at 514-937-3575 ext. 213 or rosie@templemontreal.ca

Why we chose to support the TEBS 2023 Capital Campaign  – Brahms E. Silver

I first crossed the threshold of Temple Emanu-El (as it was then referred to) holding my mother’s hand. I was 10 years old. Little did I realize, at that time, how much my life would be influenced by this venerable institution and that one day, long into the future, I would serve as its President.

My parents having joined as members of the Congregation made it possible for me to be enrolled as a student in the Religious School. The year was 1948. Thus, began a whole series of personal life-cycle events in which I would be fully immersed and embraced by a faith community I have come to cherish as an extended and loving family.

For my wife, Vivian and me, standing under the roof of Temple is to be consciously aware that we are synonymously standing on Holy Ground. It is from this sacred place that the words of Rabbi Hillel ring true in our ears, “If I am not for myself, then who will be for me? And if I am only for myself, then what am I? And if not now, when?”

As the Holiday Season and the end of the year approach, there arrives in the mail a plethora of requests for financial support, each representing an exceedingly worthy cause. While we would be happy to contribute to all, practicality dictates that choices have to be made.

And so, couched in the words of wisdom, spoken in her sermon last Yom Kippur, Rabbi Grushcow invited each within the sound of her voice to consider Temple’s holy mission by asking the following question: “What if we made every decision keeping in mind our grandparents and our grandchildren, two generations before us and two after, the people who will sit in these seats, sustain the society, inhabit this planet? How can we choose life, not just for us, but for them?

Listening with focused attention, Vivian and I realized her query encompassed the very essence of covenant; the moral imperative for us as members of the Jewish People to pass Torah and a way of life from generation to generation….

It became abundantly clear for Vivian and me, notwithstanding the many worthy appeals from various organizations requesting financial support, that Temple is the launching pad from which we can go forth to repair the world (Tikkun Olam).

Hence, for us, helping to sustain Temple and all that it stands for through its 2023 Capital Campaign, in the here and now, has been recognized a priority and once again, Hillel’s words take on a life of their own: “And if not now, when?”