Our Families Have Arrived!

On February 27, 2017 and March 9, 2017 the Temple , along with their extended families living in Montreal , welcomed our  two Syrian Sponsored families.

Hugs, tears, joy, relief and gratefulness permeated the airport along with excited temple members, outerwear, boots, gifts and smiles!.

Faker’s family having arrived from Jordan on Feb. 27 with 4 children, ages 7-18 are now living in their permanent home, completely furnished with furniture, household items, and clothing; all contributions from Temple members and members of the extended community.  Children are in school and parents enrolled in French class. Family members have had excursions to museum, bowling, city tour etc.

Imad’s  family , having arrived from Lebanon on March 9   with their 5 children, ranging in age from 8-18 is living in temporary housing until permanent accommodations will be found in Ahuntsic, close to their  extended  family.

Arrangements are being made for for school, French etc.

The day after their arrival,  Imad’s family said to us: “We are greatly relieved to feel safe, and sleep at night.”

Both families are bright, polite, gracious and eager to start their new life in Canada.

We have done a Mitzvah!

Kudos to our dedicated committee members!