I will begin by saying that August 26, 2013, the day that I went to the Mikvah to complete my conversion, was the best day of my life after my wedding day.

In 2007, I met the love of my life, and in 2008, we were married. I was never religious being a Christian growing up. I always did keep my faith in God but did not believe in a lot of what I was told, especially about being gay and that it was a sin. So I kept my faith private within myself and alone. Then, when I got married and even when we began dating, I celebrated all the holidays, went to the Synagogue on family occasions, and began to live a Jewish life fully without any effort, and I really enjoyed the culture.

After about four years of marriage, and being considered a full member of the family, two forces influenced my decision to convert. The first one was a happy one: we were experiencing, at a fast pace, a lot of children being born into the family, which was an incredible blessing. With these children becoming a large part of my life, I felt I should know more about the religion, in order to be there for them as they are growing up, and understand Judaism. I want to be able to help these little beings become adults. The second one is a bit of a heavier topic. Being married and as our marriage grew stronger, we had to recognize that it is inevitable that the final lifecycle event will occur in the future, and I definitely want to be buried with my husband. In 2012, with the arrival of Rabbi Grushcow, I decided to do the conversion classes. After the second class, it felt like I was home. I understood everything; the philosophies were what I always believed in even without an organized religion in the past. I enjoyed the teachings. It was a solid beginning, although my journey had just begun.

I am very proud to be a Jew; it is a large part of my identity. I do the best I can in learning as much as I can on a continuing basis. I go to Temple as often as I can. I have been to Israel, and am hoping to go again to study next year. I am a member of the Board of Trustees at Temple, which is a responsibility that I take very seriously, and I sit on various other committees. Converting was the best decision that I have made in going forward with my life.

This is my story.