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Lunch Together Online: Iris Amizlev: “Chaki’s Contrasting Worlds”

Curator and art historian, Iris Amizlev has a doctorate in Art History and Anthropology and a Master’s in Art History from Université de Montréal as well as a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from Concordia University. She has worked in the curatorial departments of the National Gallery of Canada (NGC) and the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ). Amizlev led the Volunteer Guides program in the Education and Wellness Division at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and served as guest curator in the realization of the Stephan Crétier and Stéphany Maillery Wing for the Arts of One World, in 2019. She is currently Curator of Intercultural Arts at the MMFA.

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