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Tuesday, April 27th | 12 noon
Elie Benchetrit “Montreal Sephardic community and its history”

Born in Tangier, Morocco, Elie Benchetrit recounts the history of Montreal’s communautaire séfarade, beginning in Morocco and other regions in North Africa, tracing the stories of firstgeneration immigrants to Canada. He is currently the Secretary General for the Canadian Sephardi Federation, and a consultant-translator at Federation CJA and other Jewish agencies. Fluent in Spanish – as well as French and English – in 2017 he published a novel called El Mazal de los pobres about Tangier’s Jewish life and community after Morocco’s Independence in 1956.

He settled in Montreal in 1988 after living in Morocco, France, Sweden, and the Netherlands. He also lived in Israel on a kibbutz during the 6-Day War.

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