A Dip In The Dead Sea

  • The Dead Sea gets its name from the fact that no macroscopic plants or animals live there (though some bacteria do) due to high salt concentration.
  • The Dead Sea is actually a lake, not a sea, since it has a single source of water and is not connected to the ocean.
  • It gets saltier every year (though it is not the world’s saltiest lake) since it is landlocked and the area is extremely hot and humid.

A Family That Floats Together…

  • The Dead Sea is so salty (33.7%) that it is nearly impossible to drown.

The Lowest Place On Earth 

  • The Dead Sea is 430m below sea level.

The Abramsons Take A Spa Day

 The Dead Sea is one of the world’s first health centres.

Dead Sea Minerals Are Highly Invigorating 

  • Dead Sea minerals are used to cure everything from sinusitis to psoriasis.

Masada: The Ancient Jews Last Stand 

  • In 73CE, Jewish patriots decided to commit mass suicide rather than be captured by the Romans.
  • According to Josephus, 960 died, though 2 women and 5 children survived.
  • It is still viewed as a symbol of Jewish courage.

Eliazar’s Passionate Speech 

  • Eleazar (as played by Simon Vaillant), the leader of the Jews at Masada, asked his people to die as free persons, rather than face capture and slavery by their pagan Roman conquerors (see video).

Running Up Masada

  • Though not without its drama, some of crew ‘ran’ up Masada.
  • Drama included being delayed by 30 minutes due to ‘ticketing’ issues and seeing an Israeli soldier, with a full pack, passed out half way up from the heat.

Mmmmm… Popsicles

  • Nothing like a good popsicle to provide much needed relief.

Jericho: Oldest City On Earth

  • Jericho is the oldest continuously occupied city in the world, dating back at least 11,000 years.
  • It is in the Palestinian West Bank.
  • On Mount Temptation. the devil unsuccessfully attempted to tempt Christ.