Today’s Daily Inspiration comes from Jake Smith, singing L’dor Vador.
The text comes from the prayerbook, and the music was written by Meir Finkelstein, Jake’s favourite Jewish composer. As Jeff Janeczko writes, “L’dor vador. It’s an oft-used phrase—some think the most common in all of Jewish custom. Put simply, l’dor vador refers to continuity, to the responsibility of passing on spiritual knowledge and cultural traditions from generation to generation for the purpose of sustaining the customs, heritage, and collective memory of the Jewish people.”

L’dor va-dor na-gid god-lecha ul’neitzach n’tzachim
k’du-shat-cha nak-dish, v’shiv-cha-cha Eloheinu
Mi-pi-nu l’olam va-ed
Ki El me-lech ga-dol v’kadosh atah

To all generations we will declare your greatness, and for all eternity proclaim your holiness. Your praise, O God, shall never depart from our lips, for you are God, great and holy.