Introduction to Judaism Course

Introduction to Judaism 101

Our 12-week Introduction to Judaism class is a survey of Jewish history, practice and belief. A requirement for those converting to Judaism or for those entering an interfaith marriage under Temple’s auspices, the class also welcomes Jews by birth who wish to explore their heritage.

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Introduction to Judaism 201

The 201 class follows the 101 and is usually offered on Tuesday nights from 6 PM to 7 PM. Generally, those who choose to take the 201 are those who are on the path to conversion. This 14 week course consists of 10 weeks of Hebrew. You will learn the Hebrew alphabet and will be able to “decode,” to read Hebrew when you encounter it in the prayerbook and elsewhere. (If you want to learn to speak Hebrew, we invite you to join one of our Modern Hebrew classes). The remaining four weeks are taught by Rabbis Grushcow and Greenspan; these sessions offer the opportunity to explore what conversion will mean for you. How do I make decisions about how I want to live my Jewish life? The rabbis provide a safe environment in which to explore personal questions of identity.

Introduction to Hebrew

Come together in a friendly and relaxed environment and learn Hebrew

For information and to register call or email Sally Ayrton at 514-937-3575 ext 208.