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Shabbat Specials

Shabbaton with Rabbi Richard F. Address
Friday, October 20th, 7:45 pmStanding Life Before You: Judaism’s holistic approach to health and why it matters

Saturday October 21st, 12:30 pm
New Rituals for New Life Stages: An examination of the growing trend to create new rituals for longevity’s life stages

Rabbi Richard Address is Founder and Director of Jewish Sacred Aging®, and the host of the Jewish Sacred Aging podcast series. Rabbi Address was ordained from Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion (Cincinnati) in 1972. His work involves several major programmatic areas including the changing faces of the contemporary Jewish family; challenges to our congregations relating to older adults, and the aging of the baby boom generation, their spiritual aging and the challenges of intergenerational care-giving. Rabbi Address was on the staff of the Union for Reform Judaism from 1978 to 2011.

Guest Sermon with Dr. Mohamad Jebara
Friday, November 17th | 7:45 PM

Imam Dr. Mohamad Jebara
Friday, November 17th, 7:45 pm
Imam Dr. Mohamad Jebara serves as Chief Imam and Resident Scholar at the Cordova Spiritual Education Center. Imam Jebara is an avid promoter of social responsibility and universal values. Through the Cordova Center he seeks to establish love, harmony, friendship and understanding through interfaith and intercultural outreach, social responsibility and education. In addition to his intellectual accomplishments, having authored 105 academic books, and lectured at prestigious universities around the world, Dr. Jebara is a skilled artist, and an outdoor enthusiast. Imam Jebara was one of seven individuals chosen to represent Canada in 2011 in the Department of State’s International Visitors Leadership Program. In 2017 he was awarded the Raoul Wallenberg Citation for Moral Courage in the Face of Anti-Semitism.