Shinshinim Visiting Montreal

We are thrilled to welcome this year’s Shinshin to our community.

During 2018-19, Temple will be participating in the Shinshin program for the fourth year in a row. The Shinshinim program arrived in Montreal in 2015. Eight Israeli teens spend the year in between high school graduation and their service in the Israeli Army, (the IDF), volunteering at more than 26 organizations and programs across the Montreal Jewish community, strengthening the relationship between Montreal and Israel. These outstanding young people undergo a rigorous selection process; our Shinshinim are always interesting, talented and open to experiencing life in Montreal. The Shinshinim live with host families while serving our community. If you might be interested in hosting a Shinshin, contact Rabbi Greenspan for more information.

In September, we will welcome Ofir Bendel as our Shinshin for 2018-19. Born and raised in Beersheva, Ofir was a counselor in the Israeli youth movement Noar Haoved Vehalomed. In addition to serving at Torah School and Temple, Ofir will volunteer at UTT School and Maimonides School. He loves science; he plays the guitar and enjoys traveling around Israel.

When you meet Ofir in the fall, be sure to give him a big welcome!

For more information about the Shinshinim Program, contact Rabbi Greenspan.