Shinshinim Visiting Montreal

///Shinshinim Visiting Montreal
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Shinshinim Visiting Montreal

We are thrilled to welcome this year’s Shinshin to our community.

Under the auspices of Federation CJA’s Israel Engagement Initiative, we are thrilled to have a Shinshin with us every week in Torah School. Tom Termechi completed High School in Israel, and is in Montreal for the year on a “gap year” program before he enters the Israeli army. Tom facilitates and teaches Israel-related programs and classes at Temple and at other Jewish institutions in the city. The Shinshinim program offers our community a wonderful opportunity to get to know an Israeli in a close and personal way. (Shinshin means sh’nat sherut, or “year of service”).

Meet Tom Termechi

Born and raised in Gvaot Bar, a small community near Beer Sheva, Tom studied on Kibbutz Shoval at “Mevo’ot HaNegev” agricultural high school where he majored in communications and was part of the volleyball team.

Tom was the manager of the culture committee at the youth center in his community, and he was the editor of the local youth newspaper. When he has free time, Tom likes to play his saxophone, write, read, draw and eat.

Tom has 2 younger siblings; his mom works at the HR department at TEVA and his father works at the Negev Bedouin authority.

Tom and Yuval, one of the other Shinshim in Montreal, dressed as Maccabees at the Temple Chanukah Party.