Shinshinim Visiting Montreal

///Shinshinim Visiting Montreal
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Shinshinim Visiting Montreal

We are thrilled to welcome two Shinshinim to our community.

Our Israeli Shinshim Nir Bitan and Vered Negash Under the auspices of Federation CJA’s Israel Engagement Initiative, we are thrilled to have two Shinshinim with us every week in Torah School. Nir and Vered have completed High School in Israel, and are in Montreal for the year on a “gap year” program before they enter the Israeli army. They facilitate and teach Israel-related programs and classes at Temple and at other Jewish institutions in the city. The Shinshinim program offers our community a wonderful opportunity to get to know some Israelis in a close and personal washinshiniyot-weby.

Vered was born and raised in Beersheva. She likes hiking in the desert. She also loves to cook, and is teaching ourcooking elective called “Taste the Culture.” She really enjoys coming to Temple and says: “At Temple, I have experienced a lot of love and acceptance, and a very different way to live a Jewish life than I was exposed to before.”

Nir was also born and raised in Beersheva and used to go to an Orthodox synagogue every Friday night. Coming to Temple has been a big change for him, and, he says, “I am very happy to be at Temple; it feels like another family!” Nir is a movie aficionado and is teaching our film elective. Nir enjoys working with our kids at Torah School.

Contact me to learn when they will be here; I encourage you to come and introduce yourself!