Torah School, Pre-K through Grade 6

Junior Torah School (4-5 years old)

Junior Torah School offers a fun-filled introduction to Jewish learning and Temple life through Hebrew language, songs, arts and crafts, and stories.

Torah School  Grades 1 – 6

The CHAI program goes beyond classroom activities to provide students with a deep and enduring understanding of Judaism. Jewish identity is further reinforced through music and art. Each core level contains 27 complete one-hour classroom lessons in TorahAvodah and G’milut Chasdadim plus family education lessons. The CHAI lessons follow a curriculum model known as “backward design.” The rationale behind this approach is to enable students to go beyond the specific classroom activities and to reach a deeper, enduring understanding, establishing the basis for later Jewish learning and living.

Beginning in grade 3, students spend one hour of Torah school in an elective of their choice. These courses give students the opportunity to participate in fun and exciting activities while exploring Jewish themes, values and history. Students take two electives per school year. The elective offerings vary. They may include: Drama through a Jewish Lens, Jewish Traditions through Art, Junior Choir, Jewish Film Appreciation, and Cooking.

Our Hebrew program begins with an introduction to the Hebrew alphabet in grades 1 and 2. Once in grade 3, students progress from being pre-readers to reading Hebrew with ease. The children learn blessings, prayers and songs in preparation for the B’nai Mitzvah program in grade 7. In Grade 6, students also receive nine private half-hour tutoring sessions to reinforce their Hebrew knowledge before they begin preparing for b’nai mitzvah in grade 7.

To learn more about Temple’s Torah School, please contact, Rabbi Ellen Greenspan, our Director of Education, at 514-937-3575, ext. 210 or

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