“Shabbat at Temple” Recording Launch

Featuring cantorial soloist Rona Nadler and pianist Mark McDonald, “Shabbat at Temple” captures some of our favourite tunes from Temple’s Friday night liturgy. The recording is available for live-streaming or you can download it here. Many thanks the to Chantal Cohen and Stephen Yaffe whose generosity made this project possible.

Where to find each prayer?

Shalom Aleichem – Israel Goldfarb (Mishkan T’filah, page 24)

L’cha Dodi – Craig Taubman and Alberto Mizrachi (Mishkan T’filah, page 20-21, verses 1,2,5,9)

Bar’chu – Rachelle Nelson (Mishkan T’filah, page 28)

Mi Chamocha – Alan Leider (Mishkan T’filah, page 40)

Hashkiveinu – Fred Ross-Perry (Mishkan T’filah, page 42)

V’shamru – Lisa Levine (Mishkan T’filah, page 44)

Yih’yu L’ratzon/Oseh Shalom – Bruce Chalmer (Mishkan T’filah, page 62)

Adon Olam – Sephardic (Mishkan T’filah, page 321)