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//Jewish Interfaith Family Forum – JIFF
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Jewish Interfaith Family Forum – JIFF


Jewish Interfaith Family Forum (JIFF) is a Temple Emanu-El Beth Sholom initiative, that offers a range of programs that respond to the issues and needs identified by interfaith families and/or their extended families.

JIFF’s mission is to create a welcoming, inclusive and supportive community at Temple for both Jewish and non-Jewish partners, their families and their extended families.

JIFF offers programs that help familiarize families with aspects of Judaic practice, with a focus on Shabbat and other Holiday celebrations, exploring the history and traditions of these holidays in a way that provides a fun, non-threatening and non-judgmental experience for all participants.

JIFF also creates opportunities for couples, parents and grandparents to meet, explore and discuss challenges that arise in interfaith families, as well as to meet other interfaith families who have experienced and successfully resolved similar issues.

Issues to be addressed might include:

  • Childrearing: How will we raise our children? What holidays will we celebrate? Can we have two religions in our home? If we choose one religion, how can the heritage of the other partner be included in our home?
  • Family and Friends: How can we make families and friends from both cultures and religions feel included and comfortable?
  • Grandparents: How can we support our adult children’s interfaith families and how can we transmit our own culture, religion and heritage to our grandchildren, while respecting the backgrounds of both of their parents?

If there are specific issues that you would like to have addressed or if you have program suggestions, would like to participate in upcoming JIFF programs or would like to join our planning committee, please contact Denise Grossman and Cynthia Telio at

If you have questions about interfaith marriage, the conversion process or religious identity at Temple, please contact Rabbi Grushcow at or via Sally Ayrton at 514-937-3575, ext. 208. Rabbi Grushcow will be happy to speak with you.