all-free-download.comOnce again, I am moved by the news headlines to offer some words of protest, comfort and healing. I am motivated by many articles, Instagram and Facebook posts, sermons, and conversations. Part of my responsibility is to educate myself, to expand my intellectual and emotional understanding of racism and white supremacy and to do my part to dismantle this long history. Another part of my obligation is to try to educate others. In her sermon Friday night, Rabbi Grushcow mentioned the names of several books. Right after services, I chose one to download to my iPad. Here are two great lists of books for you to consider, one that has a Canadian focus, and one that is a great general reading list on the topic of racism in society. If you want to read the poems I share in this recording, here are the links: Alden Solovy’s Psalm of Protest 17, April Baskin’s poem is on Instagram @joyous.justice, and Judy Chicago’s Merger Poem.